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Recipe: The Elvis Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. The beer.

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It has been a long time since I last posted here. That does not mean that I’ve not been brewing beer. I’ll try to catch up on some of my brews over the next weeks. Starting with this oddball beer I brewed recently..

It all started when I drank an amazing blueberry cheesecake stout by Omnipollo. I also had some dark malts I wanted to get rid of, so I was  inspired to draft a recipe for a flavoured stout. In my search for flavouring I came across PB2 peanut butter powder which, according to forums, can be used in beers. I first looked at an Oatmeal Stout with peanut butter and cocoa nibs and was quite happy with the progress. I was pondering if I should add coffee or not..  When I was overthinking how the flavours would combine and blend it hit me. What is awesome with peanut butter? banana! What style is associated with banana? German style weizen… Banana and peanutbutter? That’s the Elvis sandwich. Well almost because it’s missing bacon and bread. Alright, alright – I’ll add some rauch and biscuit malt as well..

The result? The Elvis Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. The beer. My mind works in dark and twisted ways – don’t ask.

Fast forward a year and I have made some really nice beers but this crazy idea never really let go of me. I ordered two jars of PB2 and decided to revisit this monstrosity of a beer.

So I ended up going for a Weizenbock as my base, adding some biscuit and munich malt to accentuate the bread-like malt flavours. I settled on using a generous amount of rauch malt to get the bacon flavour. I wanted a cheap and cheerful noble-ish hop that ideally was a bit fruity; I found Smaragd which sounds like it fits the profile. I’m quite pleased with where I ended up recipe-wise. So without further ado…

Brewday update:
For some reason I did not have any Carafa II on hand, so I had to work around this. I added some Chocolate and Special B to get about the same colour. I compensated for this by slightly lowering the rauchmalt to balance out the added harshness from the chocolate malt.

Around halfway through the boil I extracted about a liter or so wort and mixed it in with the PB2 powder in a large pan. The wort / PB2 mix looked a bit like a thick peanut soup, or sateh sauce. When I saw the sauce bubbling in my pan I began to doubt this project. What was I thinking? I boiled for about 15 minutes and 10 minutes before time I added the peanut soup back in Braumeister. This was not the most logical way to go but I felt the thick soup would not dissolve when adding it to flame-out and it also had to fit in the brewing during a workday 😉

I tried taking a SG reading, also because I was very curious about the wort’s colour. Not very surprising the added thickness of the wort led to a reading that was 10 SG points higher. My reading managed to tell me exactly nothing I’m afraid. I took a nip of the wort and it has sweetness and peanut – but not excessively so. I will hand this over to the gods of fermentation – but this could actually work. Or not. The yeast climbed up to high temperatures crazily – the warm weather did not help. This will throw loads of banana esters, and hopefully not too many fusel flavours.

I’m sure some of you are curious what this monstrosity looks like:

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