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Welcome to Dorst!

Welcome to Dorst!

Hoi! I’m a Dutch guy that recently moved from Amsterdam to Oxford, UK. I’m also a big fan of beer which I like to brew in my spare time. Dorst is a small as beer brewing gets and you just stumbled upon its presence on the Internet.

So why Dorst? Dorst is a Dutch word and has several meanings. This is what the most famous Dutch dictionary says it means:

dorst (de; m)

  1. behoefte aan drinken (The need to drink)
  2. hevig verlangen (intense longing)

It is a reference to the roots and the purpose of Dorst; making beer I love and want to drink myself. I believe that life and beer should not be made more complicated than that.

The origins of Dorst lies in Amsterdam. After an evening of drinking beer at cafe Gollem- two friends got the idea to also start brewing. Horribly unprepared we made our first few steps into the wonderful world of beer brewing. After a few batches of brewing we even managed to make it drinkable! We were steadily improving our skills – but it was not to last. I got the opportunity to move to Oxford and brewing took second plan for a while. Until recently…

After getting settled a bit in Oxford I quickly started to ramp up to start brewing again! I bought a Speidel Braumeister, drove over some equipment from the Netherlands and got some swanky stainless steel fermenter tanks. Keep watching my twitter feed to get the updates on my first brews!

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