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End of the road for

Hi all,

This message is to let you know that will cease to operate on May 28, 2019. I’ve decided to not extend the domain and hosting contracts.

The main reason for this decision is that I have not been very good at keeping this website up-to-date and interacting with you good people. Another is that it’s still a British domain and that I’ve moved back to the Netherlands two years now.

To my pleasant surprise I get a steady stream of visitors to my historical recipes and reviews / how-to guides. I’m quite keen to find my content a new place on the internet – maybe generate a bit more frequent content. I’ll look at a better way to share information about my brewing hobby.

Because I did not stop homebrewing beer. In fact, I’ve never brewed as much as in the last year and I intend to continue doing so. I even ‘chair’ the local Amsterdam international homebrew group: Foebar.

It has been a nice journey and it was nice hearing from you guys.

All the best,

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